Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2021-06-03 14:34:09 (UTC)

I hate writing

Am i going to sound spoiled for hating all the money i got from graduation? I got a bunch of money from people I barely know and people I’m pretty sure I never met. Now i have to write thank you letters back to them. In ink and cursive of course because anything else would be improper and unprofessional. Well damn, I didn’t know it had to be a fucking business letter. The thought of sitting down and writing something angers me and actually sitting there with the pen and writing in cursive angers me more. I’d rather throw all the money in the fire pit, say fuck you, go get a job than sit here writing thank you over and over to 11 people in the most formal way i can to keep my 400 dollars.

Yes you read that right, 400 dollars and I’m actually complaining.
I don’t like sitting here doing this fucking homework. I feel like twisting a blade into my gut.

I’m so fucking angry right now.

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