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2021-06-03 20:24:00 (UTC)


To the men out there who use bullshit care mode as if they're fighting the side for women. Which is the majority of men on dating sites who have their dick's in their mouths and still cry for mama when they fall and hurt their knee's. I'll go easy for those delicate flowers.

You approach me and plenty of other women claiming you're decent men, and you act as though you're on our side as if we MUST have some past unpleasant experiences with a man/men that we're left on the floor collecting pieces of ourselves. And you're here to save us with your infinite about of masculinity and emotional stability. Hahahahahaha! I find this crap so hilarious because the bulk of you cannot even address us as a woman but instead say shit like, "Hey girl?" You're a grown-ass man? Seriously?

These guys and their male saviour complexes are incredibly cringe. Most of them can't even handle a little flu or a sore finger, let alone have the ability to grow a human inside them and squeeze it out of our amazing vaginas, which springs back to its exquisite beginning just as before it gave birth to a HUMAN. We do not need your assistance. YOU need assistance in empathizing with half of the population and appropriately advocating and caring for people, and not being so presumptuous and disrespectful. So you may as well chuck in how to be an adult and how to lead, and you can get that help from women. You're welcome.

And for the men who complain why other women or I don't like a "nice guys". It's because MEN created the image of a nice guy without ever consulting or listening to women about what is acceptable to us and what we want in a man. So, guys when you search good ole google for answers from other guys on how to treat women and be admired and desired by us, do not be surprised that the male advice you sought doesn't work on women. If we disapprove of you and do not desire you, it is a natural, logical consequence of not listening to women.

We look at character. Niceness is not a character. It is a superficiality. Women have an intuition that excels during pregnancy and after childbirth; they sense and see transparency when they're true to themselves. If you want to connect to us, be desired by us and build a life with us. You first must learn to listen and ask us, "What do you want in a man?"

LOL, smh, it does make me laugh