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2021-06-03 15:05:31 (UTC)

Random Assortment - May 2021

June 3, 2021 Thursday 9:05 AM [Kauai time—idk what it's called]

Thursday Girl by Mitski [Something about this song tugged at me while I was feeling sad/bittersweet about graduating]

あなぐらぐらし (Hole-dwelling) by Kikuo [bruh I read the english translation for this song..... whack. It's about as insane as I'd expect, given the music. Anyway I really like this song because it's kind of scary-sounding]

Demolición by Los Saicos [found on a TikTok video about proto-punk in South America]

Sugar Tastes Like Salt by The Orielles

Bag of Bones by Mitski [literally a poem]

Real Men by Mitski [reminds me of Fiona Apple]

How Was Your Day? by beabadoobee [reminds me of 2018 when I was, like, really depressed or whatever and listening to Soccer Mommy/Hayley Henderickx, etc.]

Looking Out for You by Joy Again [not sure why this is on my playlist tbh]

Mass Re-Done by Modern Baseball [omg I was excited about this because 1) I love the version from Holy Ghost, it reminds me of home and 2) in this version, instead of Binghamton and whatever, they mention Brunswick and Jefferson. Idk about Jefferson, but I live right next to Brunswick and in fact went to Brunswick to play soccer and perform at my dance recitals—which makes this song even more homey to me!! Even if it is dunking on upstate NY lololol. "Bury me beneath New York State, it's the only place where I feel dead" bruh]

暴露 (bakuro) by tricot

Brand New City by Mitski [fuck yeah girl]

Sedona by Sir Chloe

Ponte Bajo el Sol by Elia y Elizabeth

好吗,好啦,好吧 (OK, OK, OK) by Lexie Liu

Off My Mind by joe p [that tik tok guy]

Castaways by Backyardigans [IT SLAPS]

Flat Earth by Clown Core [cue Maria looking at me like I'm crazy as I dance to this song]

coney island (ft. the National) by Taylor Swift [I listened to this song once and I have no memory of it lol, except it sounded very The National; on re-listen, the instrumentals are nice]

Bobby by beabadoobee

The Moon by Lee Sang-Eun

Guilty by Alex G

Bad Role Models, Idols Exhumed (psst, teenagers, put your clothes back on)

Kill V. Maim by Grimes [me and Maria driving to Swan Point cemetery to make fun of the wild turkeys LOL]

ラプス (Lapus) by Kinokoteikoku [bruh... this shoegaze/dreampop band might be my favorite thing to listen to lately]

傘 (Kasa) by Kinokoteikoku

カノン (Canon) by Kinokoteikoku

退屈しのぎ (Motion Pt. 1) by Kinokoteikoku

パラノイドパレード (Paranoid Parade) by Kinokoteikoku [favorite favorite favorite]