Experienced Life
2021-06-03 11:51:35 (UTC)

Hawaiian clothing? 🤷🏽‍♂️

The gym has spirit days at times and for different themes. Today is Hawaii. Doh!! I'm from there and don't have any sort of Hawaiian clothes to wear. I do not have a coconut shell bra even though I'm somewhat of a perv. I don't have those silly outrageous printed Hawaiian button up shirts (BTW for the guys, if you're ever going to Hawaii, do not... and I repeat do not buy them to wear while you're there vacationing there. You're already a tourist and don't need to advertise it too). hehe. I do have swim shorts that look Hawaiian enough I guess and I think I got them here at Costco so that'll be my best to dress up to the theme. It'll look stupid working out in swimming trunks but it'll be fun and I hope I don't rip my shorts. hehe