Canadian Cutie

Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-06-03 12:20:00 (UTC)

Rainy day ❤️

"All she had were her words to give them she found them buried deep in her bones. She bared everything for them to ease their pain.. make them feel less alone. She wanted to comfort them and heal their souls.. So they wouldn't carry that pain home."
Good Morning!💧
It's a rainy morning. It stormed all night. I did not sleep the best but I do remember a dream I had. I had befriended a mermaid lol. Odd, I know lol. She did not speak at all and was quite timid and would watch me from afar, slowly gaining trust she would come closer each day until finally she moved close enough and hugged me lol. She did not want to let go. It was so surreal in my dream and I remember it was raining. I know in dream analysis such dreams might signify trapped feelings. Sometimes they represent some messages from your subconscious. Mermaids might sometimes indicate joy and happiness, femininity, lust, love, attractions, luring, sexual desire, and sexual relationships. Dreaming about a mermaid, such a dream is a good sign, indicating success in the near future. Interesting.

I dragged myself out of bed at 6 am and worked out in my gym downstairs. It had been storming all night and still raining in the morning so I was unable to go to the park to run. I am still so sleepy and tired and my body feels really heavy. I could use a nap lol. Maybe when I am done working and I am done running errands. I am running to Costco today for myself and pick up E a few things he needs (He needs a wife lol) I don't mind. He's an amazing friend who's always been there for me.

I have been hearing the song "Mandy" by Barry Manilow for days now, multiple times a day. Everywhere I go it seems I hear it or every time I turn on the radio, there it is lol. It is a beautiful song, I have not heard it in a long time. Not sure why or what the meaning is but it's interesting and obviously it means something lol.

I was talking to this guy. The keyword is "was" lol. No, it's not K, this was a different one who lives locally to me. So things were good, conversations were really good. lots of laughs. We had been speaking for like a week or so. Suddenly two nights ago, he starts sending me nude pics. I don't just mean d*** pics, I mean full-on body shots like he is posing for Playgirl lol. Red robe and all lol. I did not ask for them, nor had we ever spoken on a sexual level. He just bombarded me with them. Telling me he was not talking to others because he wanted to focus on me. Asking me for the same. He couldn't have chased me away and turned me off any more than if he was chasing me with a big stick lol. I don't want d*** pics lol, that's not who I am lol. I sent one pic in that week, face shot only and that's when this started. Where it came from? I have no idea. I basically told him yesterday morning I did not feel we were a good match and that's that lol. I seriously attract some weirdos lol. I am still talking to K and still figuring that out. He's a really nice guy so time will tell.

Have a wonderful day!