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2021-06-03 15:21:41 (UTC)

Nike says, "Just do it!" I do, I did, I am :D

I just feel like a massive vagina right now. All this hot summer sun with lesser clothing makes my endorphins bypass seduction and go head-on for freaky. My vag is clean and doesn't smell but fuck me, my womanly come-fuck-me-up-and-make-me-scream aroma is raging.....My hand is slipping between my thighs more times than I blink, and maybe I need help; I don't know, LOL....The song my lady bits are singing is like a fkn choir right know that super high raaar-aahhhh part where the boys who haven't dropped their balls yet, angelically reach the heavens with their exquisite voices.

Nah, I do not need help; I'm just going to get the Adonis to sort me out a few hundred times. It's going well with him, and he asked to meet me when he's back from Ireland. We talk day and night. He is a switched on guy, seems to find things cute about my personality. Umm, Okaay, and likes to wordplay with me, quite like that, it's fun.

I think the actor guy is a bullshitter, so I bagged him up and threw him down the river, lol. I was polite and my usual friendly-cunt-self but you know in this life, you've got to look after number 1, and if number two really is a big brown turd, then you've got to flush that shit away :D

And talking of shit's, Dibble is still on the silent treatment. In fact, he has been far removed from the forefront of my thoughts. After all, though, he means nothing to me; he's just a pathetic sissy whore and to be frank, as fun as it is, I am not a domme, lol, and it doesn't even appeal to me. I've only got involved in it before because I know how weak these male submissives are with dommes. They are slack and lazy and extraordinarily bratty and expectant. That stuff makes me cringe; any man on his knees makes me cringe, so I relish occasionally engaging in the cringe and telling them exactly what I think of them, of course, they love that! So it works all around...LOL

Another male sissy sub whore has approached me also, not sure where I am going with that or if I'll even bother. Adonis knows and is okay either way, but I know he secretly likes the fact when I don't talk to other guys, he is not a dominant but, like my dad and Mr B, natural alpha personalities in their everyday lives.

Still, not heard from my apparent best friend of nine years. Man, she's got issues! I realize her continuous negative attitude toward everybody close to her in her life and all of her colleagues is the reason why she is so unhappy. The stinking attitude she has is what reflects right back to her, and it is no surprise she is constantly receiving shit her way. I've let her project her hour-long rants and mood swings onto me many a time, hundreds of times, remaining calm and helping her through it. But when she did what she did a few weeks back, that was a whole other level, and it's something she hadn't done before. I appreciate her troubles but never will I tolerate a friend to treat me with such disrespect. So I will not be calling her; she will have to make contact with me.

Also, after talking with Phil last night and recent things Bumble has been saying and behaving like I have let go of Bumble as a 'friend'. Let's be honest; he wasn't a friend LOL. He was after the sweeties, and it's best he goes on his merry way and finds someone who will give him what he needs. I am not that person. As for the shed, I don't want to accept my dad's offer of driving two hours to put it up for me; bless him, love you, dad! And I don't want to bother my brother because I know he will do anything for me, but he has shitload on at the moment. My daughter's daddy offered then said he was busy, so I thought, you know what...can't be that hard to put a shed together! So I've googled and watched some builders putting one together; I've got all the screws, tacks, nails, and other bits needed, and I am going to do it myself :D It doesn't have to be a man's job. I can do it.

I'm looking forward to seeing Adonis. We are very well matched.