This Is It - 2021
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2021-06-02 00:00:00 (UTC)

A Story of Woe


Okay, so today started Rough.

I woke up at like, 4am, poorly-rested because I had nightmares about the Other Mother from Coraline trying to sew buttons into my eyes and then kill me, which shifted into some kind of game/competition to prove who in the group was the most "Perfect person" (except everyone kept dying it was very horror-movie-esque). So I was not happy to be awake. Tried to go back to sleep, cat kept making noise. Got up to see him. Saw a big ole wolf spider chilling on my bathroom floor, so I scooped him up into a cup to release him outside. Turn around and walk back inside, partway through realize I feel something on my leg. Look down - ANTS. EVERYWHERE. THE WHOLE FLOOR JUST. ANTS. Flying ants. Now, I HATE groups of ants. They make me so upset/uncomfortable. It is now 6am and I am the only one awake. I don't have bug spray - They've blocked the way between it and me. I try body spray. Not strong enough. I look for hairspray. Can't find any. I finally start with Febreze. It works, but stops spraying a few in. I put my rain boots on and make a run for the Raid. I find it. I spray all the swarm down. I now have a hundred ant corpses around me and a VERY slippery floor. A silverfish runs up out of nowhere - As you may recall, I am also afraid of silverfish. I spray him. I spray the ant corpses. I make sure everything is DEAD before I proceed. Now my floor is covered in Raid. I'm going to wait for it dry but then realize it will not anytime soon. I begin to dry it with paper towels, also scooping the piles of ants into a single death pile. I slip, hurting my hip (great on top of my normal hip problems) and landing in a nice poison/ant corpse mix. I now have to change clothes. I throw away the death pile and beginning mopping away the remnants of Raid. I don't trust my dog not to lick the floor. My mother slips on the non-poisoned-but-still-wet floor, bruising her arm and breaking the early-2000s bowl we've used to feed our oldest dog for who knows how long. I am heartbroken at the loss. I finishing mopping the floor and dry it off. I still feel the phantom legs on my skin. I consider getting a physical shower to wash the ghosts off. I hope the spider is doing well outside. I throw myself into bed and force myself back asleep. I have given up on the day before 8am.

And then I woke up at noon feeling a bit better. I started working on some Pride icon edits, my stylus pen broke, I grabbed a new pack of them, and I was ready to go again! I also kept up with a TikTok series I plan on doing throughout the month which...I know it's the second day. But hey! At least I didn't IMMEDIATELY drop it. So honestly - really rough start to the day, but not too terrible after I woke up the second time.

But I DO need to get some actual real sleep tonight - That was kind of a mess

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