Do Not Disturb

2021-06-03 05:09:34 (UTC)

Not Comptible

Sorry for the late entry.

I told Q that the reason why I haven’t been answering his calls is because my phone is off ( which is off I’m just doing an extension until my phone comes back on and plus I’m on wi-fi ) when in reality I have been ignoring his call. And its like if,I don’t answer his phone the first time he’ll call the second time and I just don’t have time to be on the phone with him because I DON’T LIKE HIM and I’ve told him that I just wanna be friends but I guess in his mind means we’re still together because I’m still texting him and responding to his calls. Slightly responding to his calls but ignoring them at the same time.

He’s becoming clingy. Well,I’m not gonna say clingy more like controlling. I should’ve known to not text him first if,he’s gonna act like this. Even if,he’s considered a great guy.

I’ve been talking to this guy name Kam that I met off of this dating app recently and things are going well until,you meet up for the first time and you think the only thing he doesn’t want is sex but to be in a relationship because he’s ” not like other guys”. I’ve heard that to many times before. But we’ll see how long it’ll take if,he’s still gonna stay around or not. I’ll give him a month or two and if, longer and we end up dating that’ll be a shocker.

– A

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