Do Not Disturb

2021-06-01 20:28:31 (UTC)

Damn It !

The day that I want to talk to my therapist I missed the call and so now I had to reschedule my appointment and I have to wait until August 11 at 10am or is it 11:30 AM. I don't know I forgot but I'm pretty sure its 11:30 AM. I'll know when I get the call.

And the reason why I didn't answer the call because I wasn't around my phone when she called and that's how I missed the call and had to reschedule. Such stupid irresponsible me.

I hate that I have to wait a whole month or 2 just to speak to my therapist over the phone. But she's all I got for now and yes it's a she. And this diary is all I got for now.

I wen to my doctor appointment this morning and they had to do an MRI scan for my nose but this time it was less noise than, where I went to the last time.

I'm clogged all the way up on both of my nostrils. I forgot what its called but it starts with a P that I can't think the name of at he moment.

All I know is that their gonna give me some medication to help with my sinuses and want me to take it one bottle at a time then,I go back and get the other prescription after I'm done with this one.

One at a time and I guess. They also want me to come back in a month to see the results or something like that I'm guessing.

I've been talking to this guy name Kam that I met on the dating app and we exchanged numbers and all that jazz. The other day he called me and we've been on the phone for a whole 1 and we're just getting to know each other. And no worries I won't get attached to him.

His voice sounds nice though. He's 20 yes old. I'm still older than, him thou and when I told him that he was like so in a flirtatious kind of way. Lol !

You would've known if you seen the messages between us. He also wears dreds. I don't think the last time I ever dated a guy with dreds was in high school. He was alright but just to much was going on and plus,it was high school which means lots of drama and that's how we broke up was because of drama. He's blocked so I could forget about him and he's married now and I looked to see who he's married to and she's alright. I guess. It's like everyone got married and had kids after high school and then theirs me. Still single but I'm kind of glad to be single I don't have to worry about guys using me for sex.

High school you gotta love it { sarcastically }.

Will I go to the reunion possibly in the next 4 years or, so ?

Hell no.

Will I change my mind about going to the reunion ?

Yes and no just to see how everyone lives came to be.

Also I finally got the call from my job that I applied to and they told me to come in tomorrow morning at 10 to sign some paper works.

I'm honestly excited to be working again. This is way different than, from normally the jobs that I've been working at which is fast foods but I'm honestly sick and tired of working at fast foods so house keeping or custodial worker itis and I get paid way more as a house keeper than,at the fast food restaurants that I use to work at.

And I believe at this job we get 2 15 minute breaks and a 45 or 35 minute break. You don't get that from working at fast food restaurants. And your cleaning rooms. It sound like an easy job for me to do.I also get holiday payto which is even better.


We love holiday pays.


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