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2021-06-02 21:10:49 (UTC)

The path forward

I have to say the ride has been an interesting one since it started. My life has been up and down a lot of late. I have been looking back today. I really shouldn’t but when I’m sitting here fighting off airplane crud, I can’t help it sometimes. Starting my walk through the first steps in school has brought me back a little. Every win and every loss that has led to here. I can say that I’m a little more blessed than some I know. Even when I have had L’s I’ve still managed to come out on top. I’ve managed to build empires from nothing multiple times. I used those to try to say how strong I am. No matter how much I’ve hidden my weaknesses, I’m the one that has had to live with them. I’ve been through things that would kill most or drive them to kill themselves. Yes, I’ve even self-medicated. Still, I haven’t been dead yet.

I have been blessed with amazing friends, family, kids, and so much more. I have a group of friends in my amazing hobby. This time I’m making each step with purpose and I’ve been walking pretty far since I was dumped off in Georgia. I’ve built a new empire and sit on my throne amazed with all that I’ve done to this moment. I’ve worked from nothing and now I’m in a place that I don’t worry about much except the occasional burn out and crud from doing a turnaround flight to see an old friend. I’ve got a really good job that I love (and miss being away from today) and I have school starting on Friday. Even if some things aren’t where I want them to be, that cat’s getting belled this weekend.

It’s been a hell of a ride. New things, new life, and it’s only getting better. Even the trip was worth it for my soul. There were a few things that tried to bring me down, but I got past those as well. I do want to go back in time, but for now I’m content with where I am. I had my taste and what I needed while I’m there. I’m slowly getting over the crud and look forward to going to work tomorrow. I don’t know if I’m looking forward to the weekend and what’s coming with it, but it has to happen. The gauntlet must be thrown down. There’s no looking back now. I can’t lament the past any longer. There’s nothing more than forward now. I’m excited but nervous. I’m told though that that’s a good thing. It means that I’m ready for the next leg of my life.

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