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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-06-02 18:40:00 (UTC)

I believe ❤️

My 200th entry!❤️

I believe in family
I believe in being kind and courteous to others
I believe being a lady will never go out of style
I believe in looking people in the eye and saying what I feel
I believe in holding hands and soft kisses
I believe in spending quiet Sunday mornings with the one you love
I believe in telling the person you love that you love them every day
I believe in waking up in the middle of the night and making love just because he's there and you love him
I believe souls continue to find one another through time once they have fallen in love and they will forever be connected
I believe in listening to your heart sometimes instead of your head
I believe in taking a chance and not living with regrets
I believe in giving apologies whenever it's warranted
I believe in forgiveness, compassion and do-overs
I believe that if two people are in love, they should take whatever
opportunity they have to spend even the shortest amount of time
together whenever they can, because if they don't, they will wish
they did for the rest of their lives
I believe the chance to give love and receive love is God's greatest gift and should not be wasted

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