Being Sam
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2021-06-02 21:09:35 (UTC)


We've just got back from Wales. We camped for a few nights at my favourite campsite (for any brits looking for a good place, it's called Llyn Gwynant) and we had the BEST time! Honestly everytime we go I love it and we all come home happy. Its not exactly the "holiday" I had in mind for this year but it's definitely made up for months at home. It was really nice taking Wendo too since it was her first holiday!
We tried paddle boarding this time around because we couldn't fit the kayaks in the car thanks to bringing the dog and all her stuff and it was awesome! It's so much easier than you would expect. Izzy paddled me out to the middle of the lake and then the little dare devil climbed the rock and jumped into the lake. I was so proud of her, honestly the kid will try anything and I love that about her. She's still sticking with this vegetarian thing too and I swear it's been over a month already.

It was 24degrees while we were out on the lake though and because I'm a shit mother, I forgot sun cream and honest to God, Izzy looks like a drumstick lolly with her sunburn! I feel awful. She's being super cool about it and isn't screaming at me for failing her, so that's nice. Beth hasn't complained about hers either. They're such awesome kids.

All in all it was a really nice few daya

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