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2021-06-02 11:18:47 (UTC)

We all need this ❤️

Good Morning!☀️
It was a good evening and slept really well. I do not recall having any dreams. I did have an experience last night with the little spirit lady who resides here. I call her Alice. She was a former owner of my home. She was a bit playful last night and knocked my smartwatch off my nightstand taking the charger with it. Then she knocked down my robe hanging on my door, Both times I could smell lavender which seems to be her scent. It's quite calming. My puppy use to alert to it but I think even he has grown accustomed to it lol.

I am at work now. It was crazy busy this morning but has calmed down now thankfully so I will just ride out the remainder of my time lol Ok it just got busy again haha. Now it's slowed down. I have a few errands to run today. Want to get a walk in before the rain starts over the next few days. I managed a run this morning before work so I feel somewhat accomplished lol.

My girlfriend who does the tarots and who has been teaching me moves here this weekend. I am so excited. Will be so nice to have her close after so many years of chatting. I will be seeing her on Saturday for a bit. I am looking forward to it. Our stay-at-home order expired this morning so there's a plus. Now we are just waiting on when we are allowed to open retail shopping, dining, and events. I think we have been in some form of lockdown long enough. It's been over a year. It's time. Mental health is struggling for so many. I was reading an article that said so many marriages and friendships have broken down over this as it's pushed people beyond their breaking point. It's even caused long-distance relationships to end. I am proof of that lol. I think we both were just in a really stressful time and the lockdown made it worse because we were both feeling the effect of being stuck at home in general than not being able to see one another. It was difficult at times. Most times it was fun and playful. I also read we had more suicides due to this. It's taken a toll, it's time. I only hope we reopen in a safe way and that lives can resume. Jobs can resume. Companies can recover. Children can return to school. We all need this. That's my hope.

Just wanted to share this poem. It struck home for me.
Come to me for shelter.
Bring to me your vulnerabilities and your fears.
Share with me your burden of private pain that makes you feel so fragile and afraid.
Let me be your safe harbor.
Seek refuge within my walls.
Come inside and let me love you.
Let me help you to feel safe and warm.
Let me help you to know you are loved and that you never need to feel afraid again.

Well, I am off. Need to make a few calls.

Have a wonderful day all❤️