If I die today
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2021-06-02 07:05:07 (UTC)

unleashed dogs

mornings are a little faster paced as now for work nDea leaves at 645 and due to heat for the dog and I to get out we are trying for 715ish . This mornign was about 20min total I'm still flustered that we got swarmed by 3 large browndogs looked like cholcata labs to me but they were fat. nDea's male unfixed 8yr old god is a schauzer. Get the picture? These 3 dogs started circleing him they ran out of theier unfenced yard off leash. I'm not sure the reason they all turned around other than he did snarl once and I was screaming go home to them. The other day a black lab looking dog on the next street over ran out his yard and the lady just kept yelling jackson jackosn but never came to get the dog and yelling go home was enough that he did go back. I need some citronella spray just in case theier ever is a fight . TOday;s the hottest day this week so the weather says. Water wil be shut off for 2 hours after 9 so I may hold back on some chores till after lunch. nDea comes home for lunch at 12n for 1hr. Yesterday was my last dental appoingmtne I endured it better than the first. I did feel some drainage but not as bad so today I didnt take the allegra as well its an extra drug. Im wanting to be a better friend to yLindse but dont know what to do her husband is recovering from a conscusiion from a fall due to dehyration last week bc of illness. Still feel like an awful slob and not to par for nDea but he didnt mention anything spefic yesterday so maybe I'm improving or he just is tired of telling me and seeling me get all butt hurt. Idk what else is big on my mind right now so gotta go.

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