Experienced Life
2021-06-01 23:10:12 (UTC)

Bets are in 😊

You into boxing? The boxing forums clamoring about the Spence and Pacquiao fight coming this August. People are so sure their favorite boxer is gonna win. Me? I just put my money down and that is all people need to do. So my money is on Packman. I had a friend visiting Reno and was able to place the bet for me even before I gave her the money. Talk about trust. Told her she's nuts for doing so before I gave her the cash via PayPal or whatever. Anyway, I saw her at the gym and she gave me my ticket. I in turn gave her one grand. Woohoo!! I'm so fricking excited. Win or lose, it'll be a fun boxing match to watch. Maybe a tad bit more cheering from me of course. A win will get my $4,200. If I lose, then it'll suck to be me. But it's nothing I can't afford to lose so I bet within my means. The boxing match isn't till Aug so I got a whiles to wait. I'm sure the odds will change by then so I had to place my bet in now before the odds get worse.

Otherwise, it was a nice day. Busy at work which means work went by quickly once again. Got to do the gym thing even though it was 101° F 38.3° C. Yuck. I didn't look but I'm sure my boys weren't hugging me tightly for sure. hehe. 😈

Susan wanted to watch movies again with me on Tuesdays. I said sure but I have HBO Max now and they actually show movies that are at the theaters so I invited her to hang with me tonight. We watched Greenland. I saw an actress that I thought was one of the hottest women in current times. She was the madam in the series Firefly and I noticed her big doe eyes as soon as I saw her. She's Morena Baccarin. OMG!!! She was sexy in that series Firefly dressed in her Eastern looking costume. She is still hot as hell in modern day clothing. Sigh....
What a babe. Great movie. Even if it had sucked, worth watching anyway because Morena is in it.

After the movie, we talked about our future plans. She's still probably moving to Texas to be near her Mom very soon. Told her that she needs to make sure she is letting her man know. He's my friend too and he's the one that had a stroke. She will no longer be able to help him out soon so I told her she needs to figure out a way to make it so he'll be a little more self sufficient or at least make plans for his kids to take up the slack once she's gone. I can't help. They don't like me because when they were giving him the cold turkey treatment, I gave him some alcohol. He needed to be weaned off of it and not just stop. Dr even said later on that a complete stop would have hurt him more if the did that. Me? I just stay away now and let the family deal with the family issues.

But even with that, I can't be upset. I'm still stoked as to how fast the acceleration is on my truck. Same engine, same tranny. Just the modification of the differential made all the difference. Next mod is the 4 camera system. I got the rear one already. Adding a front and left/right side for a total of 4 cameras. Yeah.. hehe. Why not? Some of the trails are tricky and I"m alone a lot so it's hard for me to spot while I'm in my truck. With the cameras, I should be able to find the right line to go through a path. If I don't use it for that, then it'll at least add to the cool factor. πŸ€ͺ

That's all I got for tonight. Not much drama. Didn't stir anything up and maybe I should just to get out of the norm. My boss didn't even bug me today so I couldn't even stir anything up with him. Haha. I know, I can be bad sometimes.

This weekend is the meetup group's "Adult Only" camp. I can't go because I'm breaking in the gears in my truck for the next 500 miles. I can't go camping with a sedan so that's out of the question. Dunno. Maybe Heidi will volunteer to take some of my gear so that I can take my car. But meh.. some of those guys are not happy drunks. Not something I like to deal with.

That's all I got for tonight. Wish me luck on the boxing match my diary peeps.