Idk but my mind is a fucked up place
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2021-06-02 02:09:25 (UTC)


Something must of been in the air yesterday because I felt love all around me. I think it mostly because I vented like hugely and was not judged at all. Of course to my boyf because he is my only friend that I talk to on a regular. Like he is but he isnt but ya know ya know or whatever lol. He just allowed me to talk about everyone who I have a feeling I will never talk to again. He listened and said anything when needed basically or if he had to add anything. Made itvery light hearted and I didnt get angry talking about them but I was laughing and thats odd because I strongly dislike these people. I loved yesterday a lot and the night ended well. I made good money and it was a 10/10 day.

Today though ....hhmmmm lets start I will not have enough money to pay my tuition by the deadline and that honestly makes me want to end my life. I WANT TO END EVERYTHING. actually i want to just go ghost for a year until I feel like I am fixed again. What am i going to do. I wish someone could give me 2k or match my 3k but I know no one can or will soo I have been really stressed about that. I hate life currently :))))))). idk who to tell this too because talking about money problems to others will have people trying to tell u how to live and I have a unusually living situation because I dont want to live in a abusive home but I really wwiiishhh I could dream up the extra 2k because then life would be back good. Whelp be prepare to read about my money problems once or 4x a weel :). ur welcome

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