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2021-06-01 22:38:23 (UTC)

Bumble Sting

Forgot to mention little (big friendly giant) bumblebee has got jealous of Dibbie. Yes, I double-took when he started whining in a bitchy spoilt, not fair stance to me earlier. So I decided to rub it in further when I realized telling him, thanks to him I am considering getting rods for my pathetic sub whore and making him do it to himself while I direct him. Bumble was in the gym when I told him this and he stopped his gym workout and gave me all his attention and told me "he is a lucky man." I said "why is he lucky" and he said, "because he is." I said "because of the rods? but you have them already?" He said, "I don't know." I said, "well tell me then?" and he went quiet for some time then came back an hour or so later and simply said, "I should've used my rods tonight." I told him, I am considering having someone I know and trust to play with me in front of him. Well, that just made him more stroppy at first and then hyper. Hmm, I was thinking Ed, to be perfectly honest. LOL. Ed would love that set-up big time, he's a filthy boy :D Then again, I have just told the Adonis dom about Dibbie and he found it quite amusing.

Bumble s confusing. Either way, Bumble is remaining my friend and only my friend.

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