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2021-06-01 22:12:12 (UTC)

Big, Long, Fat.......Entry :P

Well, well, well, well, WELL! Lmao......A day in the age of Poppin by.

It's a miracle I get any work done but to be fair, on the luck scale of, oh, I dunno! One hundred and fifty million trillion lucky fucks, I got a lovely fuckload today during my stupidly early video conference call and being told in so many words, "We're fucked royally by our supplier and ALL our orders. Are delayed by five weeks!" Oh, you fkn ridiculous new corporate cunts at the top making drastic decisions to "change the company's face" twenty billion times a fkn year, and this is what you get, you fucknuts! First, you need to listen to the people on the ground, the grafters like me, and my teams and branches who make shit happen. Then you came along with your sharp suits and perverted fuckiness and make stupid decisions to change suppliers amid workload overload for our industry. Then you bulk panic buy leaving them overwhelmed and unable to fulfil ongoing current orders for all of our branches......You massive fucknuts. Geez....

So anyhoo, although I have already fulfilled my ridiculous sales target for myself and my branches for the rest of the quarter. We are now kind of shafted without the goodies to deliver - meaning I can noway bring more to the table for now until I can fulfil my current clients. Some of those are huge orders for the big new build developers. Ahh, go fuck yourself, corporate num nuts. So what that meant is I just floated around doing pretty much fuck all but talking to one of my men (one of the other two - not my sub whore) who looks like an adonis. I'm going to send my pal on here a pic as we talked about him.

So Adonis (that's what I'll call him because he fits that perfectly) he approached me on one of the dating sites, his profile I could see, but it was kept invisible on the main platforms. So he sought me out, and we have been chatting via the app for a few days; our first conversation was a debate. I was a complicated human because I don't tend to give too many niceties when first talking to guys - not anymore anyway. So our debate went on until 2 am on Friday, which began with me telling him I'm not interested even though he is a fucking god. Well that changed and we become more friendly, well I did, and he then told me his name......Yeah, guys who have direction and intention in their quest don't usually give out their real name until they feel you have passed some fkn stupid tick box of theirs.

Anyway, yesterday I was busy with my fuckboy sub, lol, dishing out dirt all over his needy masochistic pathetic self (which he loves), so I only managed to throw a few messages back and forth with Adonis, also the Actor. Tell you about him in a mo.

So today, Adonis was waiting for me. Mmmm, helllooooo baaaaby! LOL, *pants on all fours* Well, it turns out Adonis is none other than an educated London man with a rigorous way about him - one might say a dominant type of character. Of course, only tiny minuscule things he said, and I knew straight away and so toyed with words, so he knew, I knew, and he liked that. No, he loved the fact I picked up on the subtleties and since he has become more attached to knowing me. He is single, again 41, fucking hotter than any hottie before him, not full of it, but sure of himself, lives alone and is hedonistic (obviously lol) but prefers to stick with one woman. We have text most of the day today and spoken on the phone, and his voice highlights he is educated, and he said my voice is an extension of my sexiness and shows through. LOL, Okaaay, then.

We will meet one another too, but not for two weeks as he is going to Ireland to stay with his friends he hasn't seen for two years. I believe he is keen to begin a journey with me. He told me about his ex-partner (as I asked); he split from her early last year. She was submissive in nature, but they didn't do a d/s thing; they were just naturally both their ways. I am pleased to hear that because I am submissive in a relationship, too but only to my guy, to others, and in my work-life, I am direct and charged.

So the other guy, he is 46, paid off his mortgage working hard and now has semi-retired and taken up acting. He is playing a tricky bastard in the Danny Boyle Netflix Sex Pistols Series. He has three parts (small parts) and is filing them in the Nags head in Peckham tomorrow. He is sexy too, dark hair, and handsome and very funny and animated and a bright spark. I have tried to push him away a few times over the few days, and he told me to stop doing that because he wants to stay, lol. So we have been chatting, see how that goes. I asked him what his type is, and he said, "A clever, curvy, attractive woman who keeps trying to push me away." Lol, nice one, pickle! LOL. He is looking forward to shaving off his beard and cutting his hair after his filming tomorrow as he grew it for the "hard bastard' has spent the evening tonight getting into character, lmao.

Regarding Dibble news. That little bratty shit pissed me off by not getting his wank video over to me by due time because the plumber was doing the water and pipes in the bathroom. So he is getting the silent treatment at the moment. So no more news on that little fuck-bucket.

OH! And guess what else happened today! So I dropped my daughter off to Bluewater to meet her best mate, another mate and her boyfriend, as they were spending the day together hanging out and buying pointless shit from the shops. So my daughter says, "Will you come in with me and wait with me until Grace gets here? We're meeting outside the Build-A-Bear store?" I said, "Course, I can, darling." So anyway, we're standing outside the store by the railings, waiting for Grace. As we're are chatting between ourselves in the Build-A-Bear store, I had to double-take and squinted my eyes to see standing, leant over and looking very miserable, my EX partner of six years!!! The Mr Happy-punch-ya-woman-up-Fists massive- narcissistic-cunt-syndrome!
I turned immediately but strangely never froze or felt any sort of fear, just humour. I said to my daughter, "Don't go in the Build-A-Bear with your mates, okay?" She scrunched up her eyebrows, looked at me and said, "Why? What's wrong, Mum?" I said, "S, is in there with two small kids!" she turned and said, "Oh my god, so it is. Well, I hope he trips and falls over this railing and dies." I said, "Yeah, me too, babe." She said, "God, look at him; he looks disgusting. never knew what you see in him, Mum." I said, "I had a brain malfunction, darling." She said, "Well, I hope he sees you and realizes what he lost." I said, "Darling, he will never see anywhere beyond his nose." and she said, "Or his gut!" we both laughed, lol. He looked so depressed and weighed down, and much older. Less hair, and I thought to myself, yeah, look over here cuntface, me in my pretty yellow summer dress, trim and sexy and an ocean of lovely (and not so lovely) admirers and a much more beautiful home, business and good job. Go fuck yourself royally with a totem pole, you fat cunt. :D

It felt so goooooooood!

Thank you, Angels! Big KISS!

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