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2021-06-01 18:13:42 (UTC)

Civility Today

Your boy said "bitch-made" and "bridesmen"

Sometimes I cannot believe my honor guard. My dragon is acting up today.
Its a Razzle Dazzle day. There is a lot of trust in TRUST in a trust fall trust
In God We Trust.
But its heavy when 100/gerbilds 0-100, 1000 times greater is a child of God
Twins are bad luck---but a healthy harem priceless. *= =8*=_* *

And I insist that Bokaharam, see them come to no harm --suns and studs. im just a priciple, boss genes.
I definitely fought like every jungle cat in the book
A giving tree. In her last leaves
panther jaguar tiger lynx and even chinchilla
to make sure that our peaceful experience was also safe,

Im tired of hearing about the things I didnt do: Hate and Violence
the things I could not change: Bio-ethical responsbilities to my children
The difference: I am not a...pathetic;(lol sheesh) but I am resigned.

I implore you everyday to stop the silly shit.
remembering another humans uselessness and inherent fractile danger
is not my concern. Vice: This is a Turington Machine (specteral c Egypt)
I ate the whole damn apple chasing boys and being boy-crazy
and believing in happy endings for everybody.

If you picked up Karma 1 (dissing a root) and accused, please pick up karma 2 (yo ass!) and review
because I'm pretty sure that as a child of God you don't just get to hurt me and run off,
Somebody earned them some ass
and Somebody earned some ass.

And still was over the face of the deep.