Experienced Life
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2021-06-01 10:43:11 (UTC)

High heat and gym class🥵

Didn't get much zen time this morning. Some dumb dumb project manager decides to set up a mtg early in the morning. I mean come on!! We just had a 3 day weekend and you want to do a bright-and-early mtg thing? Someone needs a be-atch slap! 😤 Anyway, I attend the mtg and it turns out that I wasn't even needed for it. But because I was already on the invite and attended, I had to stay on till the end. Glad it ended sooner than the one hr mtg it was pegged for.

Anyway, work is already busy as heck. My desktop didn't implode so I have go to the office to hook up a couple on new hardware I need to build. Hopefully I get some peace and quiet so I can start on the projects given to me. Lots of paperwork too. ugh... That part sucks. So I need to prep for gym class now since I'll be going straight from work. I also need to pull out $1,000 so I can give it to my gym friend that placed bet on the boxing match between Spence and Packman. Hope I win. That $1,000 bet will turn into $3,200 plus my return of bet. If I lose, then oh well. It'll at least make the boxing match exciting.

Back to work...sigh..