If I die today
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2021-06-01 06:45:21 (UTC)

runnin low

Just finished "running" with the dog well mostly inverals and well correcting him. nDea has started his new job today he left just before us at 645 sadly forgot his cell phone. Dentisit is today at 3 I will walk so leaving earlier. I want to itll be some good alone time I hope. heat advisory i thru like thursday now. I'm kinda tired agian since the run I may try to nap and eat some applesauce then chores at 10 then lunch and whatever gettin ready for the dentist. took 1 melation last night slept from around 10 till about 515 which is fine since nDea is wakin up at 530 now to start days. I need to focus on more quiet and prayer time. Restocked my virimains today with the same multi (which is prenatals that I take), d3 and iodine, and xr sheild plus I got more boric acid couldnt find intimist so I got the other spray same sorta deal anyhow for a month or 2 suppy I'm at 80$ sheesh. not too much of an appitiate nothing remarkable here with me just emotional mental stuff and the whole dysfunctoinal failure deal. I'm tired so gotta go

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