This Is It - 2021
2021-05-29 00:00:00 (UTC)

Cleaning and Cavities


Thought I was going to be busy today but those plans actually ended up being set for tomorrow, so I had a good time relaxing in bed enjoying some puppy and kitty cuddles. Even though puppy is somewhat scared of my boy, she likes cuddles enough to accept me hugging both of them at the same time.

Little Man hasn't been feeling too hot recently. I think he's potentially got something wrong with his tooth/teeth, which makes me feel bad :( I know aging chihuahuas have problems with their teeth, and he's getting older, but it makes me sad he's uncomfortable. He gets to eat mushed food now like our other chihuahua used to. Mush food club

My room cleaning/redecoration is still an ongoing process. Today I grabbed myself some things to help, including little lights for the library/cubby set up in the space under my bed. If I can find a nice cover/sheet as a sort of wall/door, this'll be a rad little hideaway

Don't worry, Puppy and Old Lady have been overwatching my progress in my room through every step - It's dog manager approved!

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