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2021-05-31 18:59:00 (UTC)

Go Leafs Go! ❤️

"What we see depends mainly on what we look for"
Good Evening!🌙
Wow, my third entry today haha. Wow, I am a yappy lil thing lol. Today was a good day. A really good day! I am still sorting how I feel about my meeting with my new friend. It did go amazing. He's the person he's shown me over the past while. He's cuter in person than I remember lol. The connection was there in person as it's been over text, phone calls, and video chats. It was a perfect meet. He brought a blanket and we just sat under a tree in the big park I run in, and just talked and drank our coffee, then we took a walk around the park. We laughed lots, so much so my tummy was hurting. It was busy enough just to feel safe but I really did not have an issue with that. We talked about past relationships and what we want/don't want in the next relationships. He checked every box. I had a really good time and I see the potential for sure. I will post more later when I sort my mind out lol.

I found this guy on Tiktok that just blows me away, He has a Youtube channel called "PhilGood". I have been binge-watching him this evening and I really like his content. He talks about Energy Readings, Spiritual Guidance & Relationship Advice. I completely am addicted to it that it's replaced my music at the moment. He really hits on so much for me. It's worth a watch.

Ohhh, Virgin River is returning on July 9th! I am SO excited. I love that show. Tonight is game 7 of the Maple Leafs which I will watch. I am praying they can pull it off but we will see lol. Go Leafs go!! (ducks from all the debris being thrown at me haha)

Well, I am off! Have a wonderful evening!❤️