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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-05-31 18:22:00 (UTC)

She didn't want the fairytale ❤️

She didn't want the fairytale she was always told as a young girl. She didn't want the fu*king Prince on a white horse coming to save her from distress and whisk her away. She didn't want that type of happily ever after. It seems fake and pretentious to her. She didn't want the pansy-ass Prince all dolled up in royal clothes with a sword on his side. That didn't appeal to her at all. No, she wanted the beast. From a young girl, she fought her own battles, matured ahead of her time due to the trauma she endured and fought. She was her own protector, and for others. Things that would cause a person to break, run for the hills, and go on a downward spiral... didn't do that for her. She was very strong-willed and didn't take any crap. She stood her ground and knew her worth. Trauma shook her to her core, but she came out a survivor.
She wasn't cold by any means. Quite the opposite. But she learned what to expect and what not to tolerate out of a relationship at a very young age. It's a sad thing to learn that from while hiding from her own abusers. She had no choice to be strong. It was automatic, and as time went by, she just grew stronger. In mind, spirit, and heart. She was a loner. She fought alone. She preferred it that way. She didn't want any help. So did she want the Prince? Hell no. She didn't want a man like that. She wanted the beast. One who would watch her slay dragons and her own demons and say 'that's my girl. One who wouldn't rescue her, but be there by her side to deal with everything that came her way, and helped her overcome any challenge. One who would guide her and protect her, and go to the ends of the earth for her. One who would love her passionately and wildly making her breathing pant. The beast- who was wild at heart, but soft with love. One who had her best interest at heart and always wanted what was best for her. Looking out for her, deeply caring, and adoringly loving her. One who knew her fantasies wants and desires and fulfilled them to the hilt. If walls could talk when they were done, they would be speechless. And one who would protect her heart and mind. She was raw, open, and honest with him more than anyone else. Why? Because she felt safe. She felt safe with his arms, in his care, and held like a priceless stone in his hand that he would never let go

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