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Through the Looking-Glass
2021-05-31 22:23:04 (UTC)

Spit-Spot Dibble.....Clicky fingers :D

"Oh my god. You've no idea how much I want you to make me yours."

"Even your voice is as sexy as the way you look. I want to worship you and worship your body so much. The moment I see you, I was immediately drawn to you."

"I feel so open with you, and I trust you because you understand me. I cannot wait to see you and show you how much I will honour and prove to you. I'm worth keeping."

"*long exhale* Oh my god, you're so beautiful in so many ways."

LOL, these were some of the things my little cunt whore said to me on the phone, hehe. My oh my, he has a gorgeous sultry voice, ladies. My god, if you see his dick......I thought 'my ex guys' was tasty, but this thing makes my eyes water and blood pulse faster, and Dibble is really sexy too. I sent my dom pal on here some photos of him.

So a couple of pals of mine on this site, one a is a dominant and has been giving me a little advice. The other is a lovely guy who has some general chitchat with me, and he gave me an idea regarding Dibble. So I put it into action.

I returned to my Whatsapp, struck up a conversation and entrapped him so he fucked up so that I could call him a pathetic cunt. He loved that, lol. So it went on, and I gave him some shit, real SHIT, and he becomes even more excited and addicted to our conversation. I told him we're going to meet and said, "Are you clean?" he said he was. I said, "Words means nothing, actions do." He said, "You're right, my queen. What do you need me to do?" I replied, "You are going to get tested for diseases, including STD's and covid test. When we meet, you're going to present the results to me on your knee's." I told him, dependant on the results, it depends on whether he'll ever see my face again. He said, "My queen, I will get it sorted and keep you updated."

Then we went onto something else. Dibble actually shakes when I reappear, and he gets nervous when I speak to him and is worried about meeting me because he has not explored his submission in a face to face environment with a cunt like me before; LMAO. The shaking only begun today, this afternoon to be exact, he had given me his number last night, and I didn't give him mine. He asked me to Whatsapp him and told him not until tomorrow, but I made him wait, worrying if I would return. I contacted him late afternoon today via the dating app, not Whatsapp. He had left me messages, "How are you, my queen?" and "Fuck me, I have never felt this, just praying you'll message me I'm on fucking tender hooks x" I just responded hours later with, "Good afternoon, Dibble" (Of course, I used his real name but not putting that in the diary)

Anyway, back to the next fun stuff......After the get tested conversation. I told him I was sitting on the edge of my kitchen table; he is on his knees with his cock out, stroking it, looking at my bare cunt, glistening through the slit, his mouth begging to taste me. I grab his throat, spit on his mouth. He swipes it with his hand and rubs my spit around his fat cock. I grab his head and push it hard between my thighs and lock him with my thighs, squeezing his head; he moans, tries to thank me. I push him back down onto the kitchen floor and sit my arse in his face, make him tongue my arse. He loves it! I tell him his tiny cock looks pointless (it's not its fkn delicious, lol), and he best makes me leak over his chin, or he'll regret it.

I then tell him to put his phone down. Go into his imagination, stroke his cock do not climax and tell me what happens next. "Yes, my queen, fuuccckkk, this is going to be difficult!" I reply, "Just get on with it."

Four minutes later, he messaged me, some shit about how he nearly just blew his load and he had to stop. I reply, "In only four minutes! You're fkn ridiculous!" he says, "I know, my queen. I'm pathetic, but I am so turned on by you." I say, "I don't like excuses or laziness. Do it again and do not cum." he says, "yes, my queen, I promise."

Eight minutes later, "I can't carry on. I'm shaking, and my cock is throbbing. If I continue anymore, I will cum, my queen." I reply, "utterly unimpressed. You're full of shit. You're lucky I'm not in the room!"

I continue, "Tomorrow at 10 am, you can cum. As before, I want to hear what caused it. Until then, practice starting and stopping. I want to see your cum photo tomorrow and make sure it's not a shitty old photo. Trust me. You'll regret it when you're in my company."

He replies, "I could video call you so you could see it properly, my queen?" I reply, "I'm on a business video conference call at the time tomorrow, then I have a business meeting after. Not possible." He says, "Okay, my queen." I go offline on Whatsapp. Twenty minutes later, he sends me a photo of himself entitled, "Your bitch x."


I ask, "what's going through your mind?" he says, "that I want to be your bitch and property. I want you to own me." I say, "Oh, just that then. I'll see." he replies, " Because you make me shake, you make me want to do anything for you. I'm attracted to your looks, your body and strength." I reply, "Dangerous combination" he replies, "A perfect combination."

I had a chat with Phil, my American pal, on the phone earlier too, a catch-up. He has said those fateful words to his 22-year-old virgin lover, lol "I love you"......Oh dear god, Phil. You're such a lovebug! LMAO. He said, "I know I shouldn't have said that kicking myself now, fuck!" Hahaha, you dickhead silly Philly. He is in a tricky situation with the girl he fell in love with, and she has fallen in love with him. She never leaves the house. She is mind whipped by her grandmother, who has been her mother. Anyway's I forsee heartache ahead, but I will be there for my pal as he has been there for me. He just wants to be loved bless him, but his work life prevents him to have a normal relationship as an American trucker. So it's just him and his dog out on the road. He is a quality man, though, and I am proud to call him my friend.

Paul sent me a text that made me screw up my face. This morning he sent, "Can you feel it in the air?" I reply, "What's that, Paul?" he says, "I'm back in England." I reply, "Oh, right. Congrats. What's that got to do with the air, though?" LOL, I was being difficult. I knew what he was implying. He replies, "If I had an overinflated ego, I might be inclined to think my presence would affect it. Or it might just be an attempt to catch your attention for a bit of a chat...." I reply by highlighting the second one and saying, "That one." He responds, "I neither confirm nor deny."

Oh, just fuck off already, buddy. You bore me with your indirect bullshit.

Back to Dibble, I text recently, "Guaranteed you haven't been practising with your cock. I've not had any updates." He replies, "I didn't realise you wanted me to tonight, my queen." I say, "Duh!" he says, "I'm sorry, I'm learning." I reply, "Or you can go back to POF and fill your socks, but I won't be waiting." he says, "I'm stroking now x" I reply, "19.47 pm I told you to continue practising through the evening intermittently. You cannot even follow the most simplest of requests. Fuck knows how you'll survive anything hardcore." he says, "I'm sorry, I am doing it now. I want everything you will throw at me. I will cope, I promise. I will learn." I reply, "Update me. P.s) I only take so many sorry's." He says, "I will, my queen, please forgive me, I will."

Hahahahahahahahahahahhaha! This is too fun! How the fhk did this happen! Me and my depraved brain, LOL.....I fkn love this life.

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