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2021-05-31 11:06:21 (UTC)

Its a hot one 🥵

It's going to be a a high of 106° F 41.1° C today. Hot hot hot!! I have my AC cranking this morning just so I can have a hot cup of coffee in bed. I know, weird huh? I just love being cold while I have my hands around a nice hot cup of coffee. I'm want my zen time and I'm gonna have it. Hmmpphh! hehe.

I got invited to my friend's bbq today. Not going. Nothing drains me more than too hot of a day. So if the love of my life will be there, uh... too bad future babe. Maybe we'll bump into each other during the fall season. BTW, I turned off my Facebook dating app. I was having fun looking at most of the profiles just to see how society in general uses these apps now. I saw a lot of pretty scenic views of interesting places. Cute pets. Creative emojis. And when there were faces, they hid behind sunglasses. Some pics were so old and obviously faded colors so I'm guessing they were a decade or two old. Yeah... the world got weird on me or maybe I'm not keeping up with how the world works so that was that. I'm going to go old school way of dating and just stalk them instead :) Just kidding. Maybe at work? Hehe. Just kidding again because I telework a lot now. Being honest with myself, I have to admit that I'm not craving, needing, or looking much to find someone special. If I have to be really honest with myself, it's just not something I crave for much. Not sure when this happened. Not sure if finding happiness in what I can control suffices me now or what? I know I'm not hung up on my Exs's. I do recall certain events from the past once in awhile. Sometimes Facebooks puts those "memories" pics up but I understood for a long time that those were just snapshots of the past and pics have emotions tied to it at times. Knowing that, I no longer get butt hurt from them. I just crack a semi smile maybe and that'd be it.

What I got now and how I'm living now is not such a bad gig. I'm comfortable and I'll keep on my path of self improvement but I do not feel that I'm missing something big in life anymore. This Covid thing is eventually going away. We are fully open on June 16th or at least that's the last word I heard. I'm not worried about my retirement because I already have that locked down to live a comfortable life. I won't ever be homeless at least. I'm sure there will be many more challenges in life that I will face but that's how life should be. Full of ups and downs and I'm more than ok with that.

Well, it's time to get my lazy off outta bed and do something.....or not. hehe. Later diary.
I like this song. Never get tired of it.

At least this extra day healed my body. All aches and pains from the workouts have subsided. I think I see small improvements in my shoulders and arms but with this heat, I may be hallucinating. hehe 🤪 The gym is closed on this memorial day holiday and that works for me 🙂