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2021-05-31 00:19:32 (UTC)

Birth Control

I’m almost halfway through my first pack of birth control pills in a very long time. I started taking birth control a while back but then I stopped taking them but now I’m back on again after realizing how important it is to take them if, your not planning on getting pregnant especially after someone my age. I’m only 22. But maybe I’ll change my mind in the future about having kids.

So far their has been no side effects to the pill. I have told if, you’ve taken the shot it’ll make you gain a lot of weight and I definitely didn’t want that to happen to me so the pills were the best option and it seems to work find and far as I’m concerned.

They told me to come back after 3 months after I’ve taken them all and get some new ones. Every time that I would miss a pill for that day I’d take it the next day with the new pill. One time I miss three days. Whoops! So, I decided I’ll just take my pill a little earlier than, usual. I mean I don’t think their is ever a time to actually take birth control pills.

Is their ?

And I’m not even sexually active ( as of now ) . But you can never be to careful.

Right ?

- A

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