Idk but my mind is a fucked up place
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2021-05-30 15:53:57 (UTC)


I have a major problem with my eating habits and at first they was under control. I would have 2 meals and thats it, nothing more but I am starting to notice I am binge eating again. I crave more food than usual and I want huge servings of the most unhealthiest things. I want to try to lose a couple of pounds before the end of summer but I keep going down this road of eating bad for 3 weeks and eating good for a couple of days. That is not a good enough balance and I get soo angry with myself because of it.

Also I have a huge problem with my spelling like i just kept typing "eating" as "eatting" know there is no double T. I feel like the way I pronounce words impact the way I spell the word too. I downloaded duolingo today because this time I am going to stick to learning Dutch. I want to learn the easiest languages first and keep going down this list until I am pretty fluent in a ton of things. Mostly doing this for myself so I have no true goal or money reason.

I have work today in like 30 minutes and I havent showered now for a whole week. I miss my boyfriend and showering with him. All the good habits I had went out the window when he left and went home. I hope I can get better.

TODAY I WILL BE BETTER!!! i think imma say that in my head at least 20 times.

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