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2021-05-29 23:39:00 (UTC)

Got my social stuff done😊

Got my 5th workout for the week and funny thing about going to the gym is the pain you have actually goes away after your done. Go figure🤷🏽‍♂️. The first 5 min hurt though. Streching my body in the morning when it already hurts causes me to grunt just a tad. The good thing? There are others that are grunting too so my noise is drowned out by the others. haha

I took my friend that gave me a ride to the truck shop out to dinner tonight. They had indoor seating :) She and her daughter joined me. They're moving out of CA soon. Going to Texas with her parents. I actually think it's a good move. Homes are way cheaper in Texas and she currently lives in an area I would never move to so anything is better than where she lives right now. Gonna be sad to see her go. We've been friends for about 20 years now? She owned a pizza joint and I was going there for lunch. I had her start dart leagues there and it made a lot of money for that place. We won many first place trophies there and we've been friends ever since.

My gym friend told me that she was going to Reno with her family this weekend. So..... I asked if she could put a wager for me while they were there. I want to place a bet on a boxing match between Pacman and Spence. I'm picking packman at 320 and put down $1,000. To the non-betters (sorry if this is mansplaining), Betting this much and if Pacman wins, I get my $1,000 back plus another $3,200. So yeah... it'll make watching the fight more interesting for sure.

I was able to take out the truck for a little more breaking in of the gears. Still so amazed at how much faster it accelerates. I'm loving it even more. Next modification? Probably something called an OV tune. Possibly a front facing camera. The nose of the Tacoma is pretty big and it's hard to see what's in the immediate front of the truck. So when I'm 4 wheeling, it'd help if I can see what's in front of me that isn't visible while driving. Or, I may go with a dash cam. Those are the top 3 I will be wasting my money foolishly on next.

My friend that had a stroke was complaining about having a hard time trying to slice bagels since he had his stroke. He has only one arm functionality. So I bought a bagel slicer from Amazon for him. He can use one hand to cut it and It should be there by tomorrow. Hope that helps.

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