Do Not Disturb

2021-05-30 05:25:15 (UTC)

Bad Idea

So,maybe it was a bad idea to eat that 3rd pizza when your drunk and not sober. I haven't been drinking since I gotten sick and I'm still sort of sick but I'm slowly getting better. I mean I should be getting better with all this medication their making me take. Earlier I almost threw up in my mouth but I held it back in because I was drinking so much and I was only on my 2 can and a 1/2.

So I went to grab a cup of water to ease of me being drunk. My thumb that I sprung the other day at rocket jump in Prattville seem to be doing better. It still kind of hurts when I bend it. Long story short of how I sprung it. I tried to land straight on my ass like everyone else but I didn't and my thumb ended up doing the opposite and bending and almost breaking it because I didn't know how to swing on a rope for my first time. But I still had fun.

I even did lazer tag. I came in 4th place. I'll take it.

Anyways, I'm gonna let this soberness well down a bit more and get some sleep. Its not like I have work tomorrow.

- A

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