Do Not Disturb

2021-05-26 18:46:38 (UTC)

Interview today

I had my interview this morning and I say it went well. I was applying for house keeping. I think it would be something that I would do to keep me busy and I get to get paid way more and I get paid for the holidays as well.

They showed me around the hotel rooms and how they operate and how their are dirty rooms and the clean rooms and if, we see a mess we clean it. Its a really simple job. I think I'll like it a lot.

I was so tired when I got home that I went straight to sleep. I didn't go to bed until, like 5 something in the morning.

Oh and guess who decides to call me from Instagram taylor. The guy a long time ago who said he didn't know why we even had sex but we did have sex and said that I was to sensitive for him and now he's saying that he was thinking about me a lot lately. Lol ! All I said was okay though. He was taking about he's sorry and that he wanted to come over and hang out with me. Umm... No thank you. Been their done that. And never happening again.

And that's on period.

- A

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