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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-05-29 15:03:00 (UTC)

A little sadness mixed with Mercury Retrograde ❤️

Good Evening!🌙
While I find every day is a good day or well try to, sometimes bad days happen. While it wasn't a bad day entirely, I had a bit of sadness after I heard a song that brought back memories for me then a conversation with my uncle that kinda reminded me of the past. Kinda knocked the wind out of my sail for a bit but I am not letting it define my day. I had mentioned in an earlier post I gave my uncle the desk I bought for my former and today he asked about the key for the one drawer. I told him where it was in my cottage and he retrieved it. In that drawer was a letter I had written to my ex. In the letter, it said "You worked so hard every single day unappreciated in a makeshift office in a cold basement without ever complaining, it's finally time you received something you deserve" Well, my uncle said there was a note. Did I want it. I kinda paused and said, "can you please just toss it out?" It made me sad and not quite shaken it but these feelings just show how real the relationship was for me so the hurt is a natural process. I am just going to take tonight to relax, the Leafs play tonight. If they win, they move on so I will watch that I think, and cuddle with my puppies with a hot tea.

I am sharing some information about Mercury Retrograde that starts today and lasts until June 22nd. There is also horoscopes and why they would enjoy Mercury Retrograde. I love this kinda stuff lol. I am a Virgo 😊

Have a wonderful night!❤️

While “retrograde” can sound like a pretty intimidating word, it essentially means that Mercury is slowing down, and appearing to go backward from your viewpoint here on Earth. It’s a time to redo, reflect, and reorganize your life, which is why previous themes that haven’t exactly been dealt with tend to come back around during this period. Mercury mainly rules over communication, the mind, how you process information, as well as traveling since it’s the closest planet to the sun and it whips around the zodiac pretty swiftly.

Since the communicative planet is slowing down during this time, it’s important to take cues from this apparent reversal in its path, and use it for personal growth and elevation. It’s the perfect time to get more deliberate about how you’re communicating with others and the world around you. What kinds of messages are you projecting into the universe? Is it a message that completely embodies who you are? Since Mercury will be retrograding through a sign that it rules, Gemini, you have the necessary resources in order to connect with your inner voice. What you really want to say is there, and it’s all about trusting your gut and being authentic to who you are.

Mercury retrograde can be an incredibly interesting and even empowering experience if you work with its energy instead of against it. That means relinquishing your need for things to go smoothly and according to plan. Easier said than done, but remember that Mercury — the planet of communication and logic — is not working the way it's used to, which basically means that errors are inevitable. You'll probably press "send" before you're truly ready for that message to be received and you'll most likely show up late to at least one appointment; it’s the nature of Mercury retrograde. But if you embrace the fact that this is a great time to review, reassess, and rethink all of the unfinished business in your past, Mercury retrograde can be an incredibly fruitful experience.

Beginning on May 29 at 6:33 p.m. ET in knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and flexible Gemini, this experience will inspire you to rethink the way you use your mind and remain open to new ideas. Here's why the following zodiac signs might actually enjoy the journey this upcoming Mercury retrograde will take them on:

Aries: You're Challenging The Way You Speak Your Mind
Communication is central to the way your relationships function. It's also integral to the way you learn new things and expand your mind. This retrograde is about rethinking the way you communicate your truth and process information that you receive. Do you speak without listening to others? Do you feel too shy to speak your mind? This retrograde will encourage you to get the most out of your conversations.

Leo: You're Rethinking The Social Groups You Associate With
The people you spend your time with have so much influence over the type of person you become. It's time to reassess what you're getting out of your relationships, especially in a community setting. You may realize it's time to return to an old clique that you had a special connection with. You may also realize it's time to meet new people who may share your interests more than the people you were spending time with before.

Libra: You're Returning To Some Unexpected Places
You may feel drawn to places that you visited in the past. You may also feel drawn to spontaneous and somewhat chaotic experiences that expand your mind in unthinkable ways. You may feel somewhat aimless or directionless throughout this retrograde, but that's OK. You don't need to have a road map in order for this journey to be worth your while. Embrace the random yet exciting situations you may find yourself in.

Aquarius: You're Learning How To Create Your Own Spark
You may feel somewhat disconnected from the usual things that bring you pleasure or joy. However, the experience will prompt you to dig deeper, encouraging you to discover ways to bring that happiness into your life all by yourself. Inspiration doesn't always drop in on you like a serendipitous lightning bolt of creativity. Sometimes, you need to learn new ways to generate that artistic electricity within yourself.

Aries: You’re Expanding Your Spiritual Awareness
You’re exploring your inner world while Jupiter is in Pisces. This could encourage you to start healing your emotional core through therapeutic techniques, helping you let go of excess baggage that has been causing you inner turmoil. You may experience so many profound epiphanies about your subconscious and what you’re feeling within.

Taurus: You’re Tapping Into Your Power As A Leader
While Jupiter is in Pisces, it will encourage to reach out and connect with other likeminded people and form a stronger network. You may even feel as though you’re leading others toward a common goal. This is a powerful time to show your colors as a warrior for justice, generosity, and philanthropy. You’re making your community a better place.

Gemini: You’re Becoming More Connected To Your Career Goals
You may be tapping into your ability to be a business genius while Jupiter is in Pisces. This transit will encourage you to expand your career goals and put more effort into making your professional dreams a reality. Expect to receive promotions, job offers, and opportunities to show your talents in whatever your chosen field may be.

Cancer: You’re Being Given New Opportunities And Experiences
Jupiter in Pisces could feel like a breath of fresh air for you. This transit will encourage you to break away from the monotony of life and do something extraordinary. This is a beautiful time for (safe) travel, cultural exchange, and educational expansion. Not only are you opening your mind, but you’re also opening your heart to all life has to offer.

Leo: You’re Embracing Inner Healing And Transformation
As Jupiter enters Pisces, it will encourage you to go deeper. It will encourage you to uncover the depth within your heart, your mind, and your ability to overcome adversity. This transit could expand the emotional richness of your relationships and help you let the love in. However, it could also evoke challenging experiences that help you rise from the ashes and transform.

Virgo: You’re Forming So Many New Friendships And Relationships
You’re about to make so many new friends. After all, Jupiter in Pisces will send so much love to your relationships, encouraging you to enrich them with love, commitment, and enthusiasm. If you’re single, this is a beautiful time to meet someone you see a future with. If you’re already in a relationship, this could be when you finally take things to the next level.

Libra: You’re Learning How To Become More Dedicated And Prolific
As Jupiter enters Pisces, it may inspire you to become more committed to getting the most out of your daily routine. It may help you become motivated to banish procrastination and put more effort into your goals. It may also encourage you to place more emphasis on your health and overall well-being. Use this transit to make practical yet profound improvements.

Scorpio: You’re Discovering Your Ability To Be Creative And Artistic
Prepare to feel totally inspired to do whatever makes you happy. Jupiter in Pisces will help you tap into your ability to be a creator. You may feel like spending more time on your creative projects and remembering what an artist you are. You may even feel like falling in love. Either way, Jupiter in Pisces will remind you how good life can truly be.

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