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2021-05-29 18:09:00 (UTC)

MLB: Pirates at Rockies: May 29, 2021:

PNC Park 9:05AM and 1:05PM
In This Team:
Team Pirates: Kloie Kamea, Ashley T, Lupita S, Larissa R, Felicity H, Lopez Ricky, Jeff T, Ash M and Trinity C.
Team Rockies: Karol T, Norma A, Alee P, Nao A, Vianna Romero, Paola R, Ariel R, Brandon Ed R (He support Kate) and Justin G.
Pitcher: Ashley T (Pirates)
Pitcher: Vianna Romero (Rockies)
Batting: Top:
Kloie Kamea
Lupita S
Jeff T
Felicity H
Ash M
Lopez Sanchez
Trinity C
Larissa R
Batting: Bottom:
Naomi A
Norma A
Justin G
Ariel R
Brandon Ed R
Paola R
Alee P
Karol T