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2021-05-29 08:20:05 (UTC)

In pain 🥺

Sometimes the effects of the gym don't happen till later. Last night, I felt the pain from previous workouts. Not sure what it was from. Tea kettles, superman with banded arms combo, rowers, farmer's carry, banded jump squats? Don't know what one thing but the muscles in my back were killing me. Not my back or spine area but the muscles in the back where you don't even think muscles or hardly any muscles exist were killing me. I tried foam rolling because that's what you supposed to do but it was hurting way too much for that so I could only do it for a few min before I stopped. Didn't want the neighbors calling animal control thinking I was torturing some poor animal because I was pretty loud between my whimpering and screaming. All I was using was my hand held massager and foam roller. This morning, I did my body check and my back muscles still hurt a bit. Of course, today of all days I'm doing a double class. Like always, it seemed like a good idea at the time. All week I was thinking I wasn't feeling any residual pain from the four workouts. Instead, it snuck up on me last night.

Well, I only got maybe ten min of my morning zen time before I have to shower and get ready for my double crossfit classes. I have to say that today of all days I am ever so thinking of skipping gym class but that's the problem with being in a clique with your gym peeps. They expect you to be there and I need to keep the good juices flowing in my mind and body.

We have a heat wave warning hitting us this weekend and so I keep myself cool by attending crossfit classes. Doh!!!! Sure it's nice and cool this morning but it'll get hot really quick. I'm going to look for the most commando outfit I can find for today's double session. Unfortunately, I don't have a "Richard Simmons" outfit to wear. I do have those silky shorter briefs called bamboo briefs that are kinda silky material so I'll wear that underneath to give my boys a chance to survive. Usually, I wear those on days I know I'm going to have in bed but that has been awhile so I may as well find some use for them. 😈

As you can see, not much drama for me lately when all I'm chatting about it my aches and pain of working out and my selection of underwear. But is actually pretty good. Got paid and shopping is still ok to do in my book during a heat warning. Well, my 10 min are up. Time to do this body some more damage. Later diary. Good morning to my sweetie CC. Sending you good vibes while wearing my cool undies :)