If I die today
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2021-05-29 07:15:08 (UTC)

unreal food wars

Slept from about 11 after some lovin last night till about 745ish wakin up around 5 or so as well and finally well must wake up I couldnt take it anymore. We went fishing yesterday it was a good day. I still have like this headache thing leftover denitsit pain. anxiety about everything. I scrapped my knee fishing as well. I tried tomake dinner but I feel like too much of a slob for that. We want to have speghettie today and nDea is tryin to push the shed foof on me thou he didnt find speghetti sauce in there so I dodged that bullet again. i'm eager for him to work well not olny for my slefish reasons but for him too bc lets be reall i'm gonna go to the store and buy here n there things food-- that I think that i need. I'm really dysfunctional its actually sad but I feel like I should just accept it but I dont have to make him feel bad about it and not understand. how do you exsplain this to people so they understand its all overwhelming. maybe its a mental thing i cant say 100percent autistim bc i do think I have some eating disorder and maybe I need help help from GOD himself. IDK. I'm drinking coffee right now on an empty stomach I'm not feeling hungry I dont want to bit and apple bc the painbut there is applesauce fruits oatmaeal n such I have no excuse not to eat and I will. I do feel bad that we bought those apples and I dont want thembut I did have 2 yesterday. I feel so bad about housekeeping n such no matter what I do I still suck and kepp buyting things to help but shit. mostly hangers thou and I have shoe holder thing on the way but I suck. I;m feeling stupid about dishes and coffee dishes I really want a keurig or keurig type device to avoid weekend coffee dishes. IDK if I should puruse that or not there a few portable options spacesaving but it may be annoying or offensive? Eventually I think we will move He wants to mov eand is working toward that. ITs the struggle. I'm happy with our day yesterday ovverall. I'm glad that I slept. I'm fed very well. The dogs kinda cute and I had some time away fishing he didnt go. Well my love is awake so I've gootta run