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2027-10-29 14:01:00 (UTC)

Best Vanessa Mendoza Moments:

Season 3:
July 1, 2021:
Clip: Vanessa successes for her baseball game for the Nationals season:
Bella Q: So Vanessa, are you excited for the Nationals game?
Vanessa M: (To Bella Q) Yes Bella. I am ready for the Nationals adventure, and I am going for the fight to win!
Bella Q: Okay, so what position for the baseball game?
Vanessa M: Right Pitcher.
Bella Q: Well okay Vanessa, good luck for the baseball and it is full.
(Vanessa M chuckles)
July 2, 2021:
Clip: Vanessa Mendoza, Marga Moreno, Mica C and Alexa DaRosa are talking about the Coronado High School Throwing Tortillas after the basketball game ending in Orange Glen:
July 8, 2021:
January 6, 2023:
February 9, 2023:
Clip: Ready Tweet Go Part 2: Vanessa Mendoza, Maria Perez and Kloie Kamea:
August 4, 2023:
August 10, 2023:
August 11, 2023:
Big Brother Season 3:
Season 4:
Big Brother Season 4:

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