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2021-05-29 11:03:20 (UTC)

Reading over old entries, it ..

Reading over old entries, it seems like when I got with Louis, that triggered a lot of insecurity.
Probably because he's so my type physically, and the sex was good (the 2 times we had it) and we had a great date.
And knowing that it was fleeting...
That and the fact that he Totally Has His Shit Together. Civil service job with paid expenses and his own house and he's younger than me, dafuq.
Especially the house thing made me insecure because it threw into relief my own housing insecurity issues, that still seem to be... Endless, hopeless.

Basically, everything I wanted but out of my league. Just a couple days at a 5-star resort, before I went back to the bullshit of life.


I should be taking "a whore's bath" and getting ready to go central.

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