This Is It - 2021
2021-05-26 00:00:00 (UTC)

Room Service 2


I spent most of my day (that I was awake for) continuing my endeavour in room cleaning/rearranging. I had a particular focus on the space under my bed. I have a loft bed, you see, which means there's quite a large space underneath that is currently a small library and could be used as a small library AND a hangout spot. I had to move the large quantities of stuffed animals and pillows, get the blanket floor washed, vacuum out the carpet underneath, clear the shelves, dust the shelves and clean them with wood-safe surface cleaner, put new stuff on the shelves, replace the batteries in and reattach the little light on the top of the space/bottom of my bed frame, and replace the blanket-stuffie-pillow combo in an organized, chillable way. Which took quite a bit more time than I expected it to. So it ended up being pretty much the only thing I did today. Got really into it, too. Ended up eating dinner past 10.

Nice to a have a productive day, now I'm going to have a productive Sleep

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