Lost Soul

~This Crazy Life Of Mine~
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2021-05-28 21:51:52 (UTC)

Feeling overwhelmed

Trying so hard to take everything, day by day. Trying so hard not to stress...

I'm being told so many things by so many people lately, that my head is spinning. Not sure what to do. Who to turn to. Who I can truly even, actually trust.

The one person I thought I could trust has spilled the beans to people she shouldn't have. Told my dark secrets to. Ones I thought would be safe until I was ready for others to know about.

Being here, alone, no family, no friends is hard. Like really hard. So I need to let my worries and frustrations out somewhere. And I truly thought she was my save place. But I've been proven wrong... And that hurts. Cuz now, now I'm going to have to keepy thoughts to myself...

I'll deal, as I always do but now I'm feeling very alone. Especially being here alone. Nowhere to turn...