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2021-05-28 23:00:10 (UTC)

Prompt 121: Not This Again

[NOTE: This entry starts off the series of prompts labeled, "The 2000s." It doesn't instill me with much confidence...]

121. The launch of Facebook in the mid-2000s made social networking a worldwide craze. How would the world be different if Facebook was never created and why? Which would be better: a world with Facebook or a world without Facebook?

I really, really don't feel like bellyaching about FB and social media right now. I think I've complained about it enough by now, that my dislike and avoidance of it is well-established.

If there were some magical way to eliminate FB, Friendster, MySpace, and the notion of social media, what would life be like right now?!?! It boggles the mind. I struggle to think back to "a simpler time," when I was younger and largely fascinated by computers only to the extent I could play "The Sims" and NES emulator programs. Oh, and the original "Diablo."

I remember in the early 2000s when I worked for the video game studio, and a friend introduced me to Tribe: a social media networking competitor and contemporary of MySpace. That's how I first learned of Burning Man and its "regional Burn" events. There was one that took place twice a year at a Vietnam Veteran's campground within a few hours' drive of where I lived at the time, and I kind of dove in with both feet. It became a subculture I flirted with for several years, to the point that I served on the volunteer organizing committee, even hosting a meeting it at the house where I lived once.

I really wonder if I should have investigated drugs at the time. I still haven't. But there were plenty of opportunities within that circle. Not to say that everyone was a brain-fried flake, but many of them were and I always ended up being a bit too tightly-wound personally to fully-embrace that geodesic dome buildin', naked-pancakes-cookin', gift-economy lifestyle.

Anyhow I just looked-up the website for Tribe (at least, as close as I can remember). It's not an active site anymore, the domain name doubtless being held by some VC Internet speculator waiting to make a killing selling it to another social media startup. I vaguely recall receiving an email a handful of years ago (?) that announced the end of Tribe and the closing of accounts. By then, I had long since divorced myself from the regional Burn scene and had all but forgotten about possibly attending Burning Man. That might have been round the time I was in a couple bands and/or running shows at the arts non-profit, so I was too busy and wrapped-up in myself to care about those events anyway.

Nowadays I still look back at that time, and wonder what it is I was looking for. Nowadays, I still go camping. I attended an outdoor festival similar to those regional Burns as recently as 2017 but really didn't enjoy it. I might have been up to some shenanigans had I not chosen to stay sober at the time, but these days I'm still uptight about doing psychedelics, and I'm concerned that if I started up I'd start sliding at my day job and that's just not how I'd want to be fired. In fact, it's because I want to maintain a reasonably professional - and financially-unburdened - lifestyle, that I steer clear of drugs. Had the pandemic wiped out my day job, I likely would have settled in as my ex's housemate and sampled MDMA and shrooms by now.

This entry has taken a turn now, hasn't it? I don't know. If I were to consider Facebook again, I assume I'd have to be high.


It's a three-day weekend here in the 'States. Time has been spent either at the day job, at the garden, or tinkering with my game designs or those who have entered into a game design event in which I also entered. There's currently a training going on and I have been reviewing resumes and/or interviewing candidates for a "junior trainer" for my day job. So I've been tired and staying quiet.

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