from my heart
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2021-05-28 21:34:36 (UTC)

you always lose when you gain

10:34 pm

i cut him off last night & i was feeling okay throughout the day because i was busy at work. now im home and im feeling slightly terrible because i miss him and i dont even know why. i wish he would want to talk about other things besides the sexual stuff and also ask me how my day was when i ask about his. but he doesnt..

i think i had this feeling many times at this point so i dont feel so bad about it like i used to. i know im going to feel fine if i give myself some time. we didnt know each other for long.

i know i made the right choice. i would stay up till 5 am just to talk to him and do the nsfw stuff because i didnt want him to get upset. now i can sleep earlier and focus on myself too.

i still hope maybe one day we can be friends but for now i think its better to say good bye