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I Hate Middle School
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2021-05-25 17:38:31 (UTC)

Kids Are The Worst


I don't mean to offend anyone who is a kid, I'm speaking for myself from my personal experiences. I myself am a kid therefore I am the worst too. I'm loud yet shy and impulsive and unhealthy and confused and I'm truly just the worst. It's not just me whos the worst though, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not but I'm working on a group project right now and some kid decided to do my part of the project for homework. Like, it's not a bad thing but what am I supposed to do now? Just sit here? What am I supposed to say to the teacher if he asks how it's going? I don't want to do anyone else's work but then what nothings open. To make matters worse everyone in my group is quiet and kept to themselves so there's no chance we can discuss it and figure something out. I'm shy too so what the hell do I do. FUCK. The kid just asked me what part I'm working on... I told him to work on part 5 of something with five parts and he's working on that too T^T. We agreed that he can do 4 and I can do 5, alright. This is hell please help me.

Straying away from that, kids need to keep their mouths shut about their opinions! I already told you about how Vinny said my hair looked horrible in "I Need Better Friends" but now some other idiots decided to open their pie holes. My best friend Riley bought this skirt she's wanted for forever and finally wore it to school. She was really excited about it but then Kiarra decided to be a bitch and tell her that her legs were too skinny for it. Like who the hell does she think she is? Why the hell does she care what Riley's legs look like? And why the hell did she feel the need to say anything. I cant te3ll you how bad I wanted to punch her right then. To top it all off today at lunch Riley walked in and said to Kiarra how she looked in the mirror this morning and realized she was right and her legs looked weird. I'm not kidding I was sooooooooo close to punching Kiarra. You can insult me all you want but you DO NOT mess with my friends. Kiarra is so lucky she's also my friend or I would have ground her to a pulp. She also told Riley that she would look horrible with curtain bands, which once again Riley was really excited to get. And again when Riley started wearing eyeliner. Like why all of a sudden is Kiarra trying to beat down Riley's self-esteem? Of course, me being the amazing friend that I am I made sure to complement Riley every time she wears any of that stuff to make her confident as hell but still. Like why can't Kiarra just be quiet about shit ya know?

Another thing about Kiarra is that suddenly she is in LOVE with drama. Like dude we're in 6th grade how do you even get involved in that much crap? Don't get me wrong I love Kiarra shes my best friend and there are a lot more good traits she has, but now I'm just focusing on the bad ones. Firstly, she seems to think every boy is in love with her. I'm not kidding you every time a boy looks at her, acts weird, laughs too much, laughs too little, helps her, wants to be her friend, anything... she thinks they like her. But now the neighbor boy is telling her he likes her, and it's almost definitely a joke, but she doesn't seem to get that and she thinks he really likes her. I'll probably update you on that soon but for now, we're just kinda waiting for something to happen since he's moving away in 2 weeks anyways (which, off-topic, is stupid cause he moved here almost exactly a year ago but whatever). Secondly, Kiarra is starting drama with Avery. Avery told Ari she likes Kiarra, which was a bad decision because Ari can't keep secrets, and surprise surprise Ari told Kiarra. But then Kiarra started talking shit about Avery to Ari and Ari told Avery and Avery told me and it's just a mess. Why is it always my friends who get into drama? And why do I get stuck in the middle? Don't get me wrong I love the fact that I'm the first one my friends tell secrets to and ask for advice but it's also horrible. What do you do when best friend #1 comes up to you and tells you that best friend #2 aka their crush were supposedly talking shit about them? You know best friend #2/crush probably was talking about best friend #1 but you also don't want to talk shit either, so what do you do? Do you lie and vouge for #2 saying they would never say anything like that? Do you agree that #2 probably did say something and possibly ruin your friendship? Do you talk to #2 about it and hope they don't just brush it off? OUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I miss 3rd grade, simpler times -_-