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2021-05-28 22:41:01 (UTC)


Okay. So another thing u don’t know about me is that I do theatre/acting or at least I did before COVID. I think it helps boost ur confidence and find ur inner u. If u get a main part and have to sing or something, it may seem nerve racking but once u go and do it that first time, u feel like ur on top of the world and that all the people in the chorus can’t make fun of u if u make a mistake cos u beat ‘em to the part so they can just beat it.

The last performance I did was in Y8: The Addams Family. I did it with the Juniors which is years 3-8. Then u have youth which is Y7 to 11 or something. Then it’s adults which is Y9 . So technically I’m now allowed to do acting with the adults. Anyways, back to the shows I have previously done...

1) Sleepy Hollow - my first show with this company was Sleepy Hollow (I was in Y6) where I was only in the chorus but it was still really fun. Me being a competitive Monica, I wanted more than just a chorus...
2) Annie - This was the next show I did with them, I was in Y7. I got the part of Mrs Pugh but I didn’t really have any dialogue or solo singing parts.
3) Addams Family - Third and last year in the Juniors group. What u could call my first big break. I got the fourth principal part: Pugsley Addams. Yes it’s a male part and yes I had to dress up as a guy but it was really fun and everyone said I did great. I had loads of dialogue (being in the main 7) and my own WHOLE SONG, and little solo parts in songs also.
4) Shrek The Musical - This would have been the show I would have done November 2020 but cos of COVID we didn’t get to.


Now I’m in ******* Youth (not swearing I’m just not gonna expose the company without permission) and in what is supposed to be my third year in it, (even though it’ll actually be my first cos I didn’t do the youth shows in Y7 or 8). Now that the restrictions have been lifted, our next show is gonna be Fame:The musical. I was sooo excited to know I can get back to acting again. I don’t want to be an actress, I want to be an architect, but u know, acting will always be there as a second option. There r quite a few parts for this show and a lot of them involve ... wait for it ... kissing. *Belches*

According to the audition pack they sent out, the only girl who would be most suitable for me who (according to the info) doesn’t have to kiss anyone is Carmen.
Carmen is Spanish (like me) and has a whole part in a song where she sings in Spanish (which I can do at ease). So for the audition I have an advantage, AND the songs she sings r just the right key for me to sing (according to the vids on YouTube).

The only thing is, there’s a dance audition too, I have done these before and they r not bad but Carmen is supposed to be mainly a dancer in the show and I quit dance when I was 10 so I can’t remember all the fancy jetés and stuff. I can follow simple choreography but I’m not gonna be able to do big fancy French worded steps, I can do step bull changes and plies, and I can lift my leg high and I can move my hips if that’s what they’re looking for. If they taught me well then I’d maybe be able to actually even learn dance again, I’m a quick learner, especially if it’s just remembering stuff or improving. I’ll just have to do extra well with the singing in Spanish and impress them and also the dialogue is gonna have to be good. I think I stand a good chance though. Another thing is that in the story, Carmen does drugs when she goes to LA and later on she dies of drug overdose. It’ll sure be interesting!

Changing the subject a bit...

Oh my gosh, that’s not the only good news I got today, Chloe doesn’t have a crush on Tre anymore. When she told me I wasn’t sure if to tell her about my crush or not. I didn’t cos I thought it was too sn.

Guess what, today I so, very, ALMOST got Tre’s number. I remembered that he’d told me something about wanting to be an architect just like me in Y7 so I brought jobs up in a convo. I asked him what he wanted to be and he said an architect and I was like ‘Oh my gosh that’s what I want to be too lol!’ Then he jokingly said ‘don’t go stealing my ideas like that man, not cool!’ Then I was like ‘u stole my idea’ and he was like ‘I wanted to be an architect since Y4, beat that!’ And I was like ‘Year 3!’. So he was like ‘ok’. After a few mins I asked him what uni he wanted to go to, then he said he didn’t really know but he had like 4 options. Then he was like, ‘I was gonna say I would send u them but I don’t have ur number’ then I froze and didn’t know what to say and he was like ‘I’ll find out and tell u after half term’. I’m pretty sure he was asking for my number but I hadn’t prepared for the situation so I didn’t know if to say ‘If u want I can give it to u now and then I can send me them’ but then I was too embarrassed so I backed out. We had another fire drill today (that’s like the fifth one in the last two weeks), and I am right after him in the register so behind him in line; he literally went out of his way to talk to me IN THE LINE even though we could have got in trouble for talking. He said something funny but I can’t remember what cos I’m too tired, then he said about the unis again. He asked which one I wanted to go to and I said Cambridge and he was like ‘isn’t that meant to be like a really good university?’ and I was like ‘yeh so I doubt I’ll get in’ and then we were joking about how neither of us would get into that one. I kept getting really close to giving him my number but I was too nervous. Aaaaaaaagh I don’t know what to do! Now I’m gonna have to wait a whole week until the end of halfterm to c him again and try and get his number. I’m gonna have to get it some other way. But how?

Oh my gosh my dad almost found out about my crush today! I texted Ella about the audition and how I was gonna audition for Carmen and she was like ‘I’m sure you’ll get the part’ then after a long chat I said ‘have u noticed that there is a Tyrone and an Iris on the character list?’ as there is an Iris (pronounced Ih-rish) and Tyrese (my crush) in our class, so we found this surprising. I said ‘maybe I should get them both to audition for those parts lol’ and she was like ‘yeh that’d be funny’ and then I was like ‘but then they’d have to kiss and I wouldn’t enjoy that’ and she was like ‘oh Yh definitely don’t then’. My dad checked my phone before I could delete the messages that could possibly give it away and I was panicking. He went into WhatsApp and was like ‘Why were u focussing so much on the kissing bit’ and I was like ‘cos there r two ppl in my class with similar names and I wouldn’t LIKE to c them kissing, if u know what I mean’ and he was like ‘hmm, ok’ so I was thinking ‘great save Beckah!’. I’m so glad he didn’t scroll all the way up to the bit about me wanting Tyrese’s number tho cos or else he would know. I’m not allowed to date and my parents don’t want me to be interested in any boys yet but it’s not my fault he makes my feel the way I feel.

Oh my gosh that was really close, but I’m gonna start to get serious now and get his number, chat all the time, get him to like me for definite, and then try and c where it goes.

Eeeeek! I just - can’t - stop. I need to know how he feels as it did seem like he almost asked for my number sooo.

Wait, was he... flirting with me?

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