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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-05-28 17:59:00 (UTC)

Beauty in the struggle ❤️

Listening to: Beauty in the struggle - Bryan Martin (new favorite song!)
She's as real as it gets and there ain't no way around it
There's a road that's been through hell and she's been down it
She's been mistreated, she's been lied to, she's seen her share of trouble
But that girl, she's the beauty in this trouble
Good Evening!💧
It's been a rainy, windy, cold day. Which I do not mind. It was a welcomed relief after all the heat and humidity today. I wish I was able to spend it all cuddled up but I have been SO busy today. I worked a few hours then ran from one town to another. It's just after 6 and I am finally settling in for the night. I ordered dinner tonight and I am so happy I did, it was from a local restaurant here and it was SO yummy.

I had a really rough day at work. The past two days have been busy as heck but today was extremely stressful. Difficult clients all day just took its toll on me so I am glad I am done for a few days. I need it lol. Just a rough few hours but you need the bad to appreciate the good. I am still smiling 🤗

I am exhausted tonight. I did work out before work today which felt good. I ache, but in a good way lol I did not get to the park as it was raining when I woke so I hit my home gym in and got a good workout in.

I don't really have a lot to say tonight but I wanted to thank my dear friend here. He made a good day even better, so thank you Street! you have truly been such an amazing friend to me since I began my journal here. You've been there for me at some really difficult times and never expecting more than I can give. You really are an amazing man and I know you will find someone absolutely worthy of you. I am so grateful for our friendship and your support. You have proven men/women can just be friends. You deserve the world and your next (hopefully final one) girlfriend better give you that. Thank you, for always being there for me. I only hope I am half the friend you are❤️

If you haven't read his journal, you should. He's one of the rare genuine guys who I am proud to call a friend.

Mercury Retrograde starts tomorrow and I am definitely feeling the effects of the it and the recent full moon. I will write more tomorrow about the Retrograde.

I am going to end it here as I just want to lay down, maybe read.

Have a wonderful weekend all!❤️

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