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2021-05-28 10:53:10 (UTC)

Totally Sau-vage today!

So my wardrobe is enormous, and I have so many dresses among other outfits in there. I haven't worn some of the dresses for ages, and others are new where I have been treating myself to some new figure-hugging-make-my-vag-even-needier-clothes. But, honestly, the moment I put on tight, figure-hugging clothes or lingerie, my endorphins go fkn wild, and I cannot focus on anything other than sex and intimacy. My womanly wanton lady bits are screeeeeaming for masculine touches and not soft, gentle strokes; they want hard grasping, push me down, kick my legs apart, yank my hair, fkn drown me in your sex!

I have to, and I must have sex soon! Because it's draining trying to contain it, masturbation is boring and unfulfilling. I need experiences, sensations. I need to cry, scream, shout and moan, "More, more more!" Ugh, fml. That's my problem, you see; I gauge the guy, analyse if he is softy, the gentle type, the missionary, no anal type *yawn* I seriously cannot do a man who gently suckles on my cunt. I had that before, and I stopped it and showed him the door. That happened two years ago. Actually, he was from this diary site, LOL....we became friends and met for a Christmas drink because he was lonely, we ended up starting a little fun that same night, and yeah, the rest is history. Fuck, that was awkward! (I don't see him on this site any longer, oops, lol) It was all in the honour of seeing life as an experience :D

So, I've got a fitted low v-neck wrap dress on today that comes to my knees. I stopped by a pet store after dropping my daughter off at school; as I pulled in, a fkn sexy angel of a guy was standing in front of my car on the pavement, oo-er helllloooo! I got out of my car, endorphins going fkn mental, and it was like everything went slow-motion as I walked towards him, and he pulled off his face mask and gave me this most incredible big warm smile. Oh, my days! Stop that! Lol, my vag pulsed, and my nips tingled. I smiled back and hid the filth in my mind behind my eyes. "Quick!" I thought, hurry up, get the cat food and get back outside! Haha.....Fkn queues!!!!! Fuck off, stupid bloody woman fluffing about her divvy bag and stoopid discount cards....for fucksake you moron! Spit-spot! Hurry the fhk up! So annoying, she took foreveeeeeeer! By the time I got outside, he was gone. Goddamit! So I get in my car, I start to drive out the shopping complex car park area and then decide, "NO!" Just drive around the other way first, so I did and low and behold, Mr Sexpot was standing in a queue outside Costa....."Right! I'm getting a coffee too!.... Lol, I know, I know, Im on one.

I walk up to the queue, and some fat guy eyed me up who was sitting with two blond bombshells. Ewww, don't look at me. My face screwed up. I look down the queue; there he is, my angel! Pmsl, anyway, long story short, he spotted me, he exchanged a few looks and smiles, even moved closer down the aisle while he waited for his coffee. He came across as shy and a bit of a loner; he grinned again but didn't talk to me as he walked past me. You fucktard! Lol, you just denied yourself an experience you'd not forget, TWAT! Lol

Then I noticed behind was another attractive but dark-haired guy, he smiled, I smiled......I was a bit annoyed the angel didn't talk to me, so I didn't give the dark-haired guy much thought. As I left in my car, the dark-haired guy walked past in front of my car, and he gave me a delicious smile with a cute nod. I was already leaving in my car, and my vag was sad.

So, when I got back home to get on with my day job. I took a quick pic of me in my dress and sent it to Ed and told him what happened. Ed said his cock would've been twitching if that was him, and he wouldn't hesitate to talk to me. LOL...Yes, Ed, don't I know it, you naughty dirty sexpot.

I also sent bumble the same pic and said, "I pulled wearing this today." Bit of a lie, LOL, but it's bumble, and I like winding him up. He replies, "Ooh hello hello!" and "I'm not surprised *tongue out emoji*" I reply, "My vag is driving me nuts today!" he says, "Why what's up with it?" lmao, omg bumble you retard! LOL, I reply, "It's needy again," he says, "Does it need attention?" I say, "It's my nemesis. It always does." he replies, "Does it need a good hammering?" Well duh!

The conversation continues.....

I also sent it to 'my ex guy' and said, "I've pulled in this today." lmao....I did also tell him yesterday that baby Jesus thinks he is a knob, lmao.