taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-05-28 01:24:38 (UTC)

unbottling emotions

as i stood there, staring at the shattered brown glass in a soupy puddle, the first rising squiggly alexander keith's smell lines entering my nose - right then i know - this cat's got something going on.

too much has been stacking, faster than i can process. just a matter of when the meltdown (would drop).

I'm fully vaccinated as of monday which rocks the casbah. but i'm just. like. my parents come over and tear apart deep clean my apartment yesterday. which, thank you, but also. it low key feels judgy the entire time.

being conscious and trying to be accommodating of her and my autism at the same time is a consuming activity to put it one way. fucking nightmare if you prefer.

need 2 talk 2 a fucking person who can work throughhhh thiiiissssss with me because i'm a huge dumbo

*fires up vape immediately after tapping save entry*