La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-05-27 16:37:00 (UTC)

A few seconds of unexplainable peace!

These last few days have been extreamly hard on my body, I've tried to balence things out by resting and taking it easy but responsibilities just keep piling up, I've had the best attitude about the situation, but man I need a vacation asap. I need a break from everything I've been working on. I'm almost done, just a little longer 3 weeks to be exact for another goal to be reached, is just arround the corner, so I'll keep on pushing foward. Latly I've been expiriencing some odd feelings, you know how they say we can feel death hovering arround and it creeps me out. Just because I still have so many things unfinished. Maybe am just crazy but I feel it in my body how it's weakening each day it goes by and it's very odd to feel this way. Is as if my body is screaming to let go of my soul if that makes any sense. Am I ready to pass on, I have no idea, but I feel so tired. There was one moment in my life where I expirienced being out of my body feeling nothing but peace, I remember how incredible it was to feel for a few seconds that seemed an eternity nothing, no pain, no presure, no stress, just peace, then back in my body again I felt it all over again the muscle ache, the haedache, the disconfort. Yet felt like it was a test to let me know I wasn't finished just yet. My doughter was born shortly after that, and it's been a phisical battle ever since, I don't share any of this with anybody, just because people treat you difrently when they know your ill or going through a rough time. I realy do hope soon to be home again. But in till then I will continue to fight the good fight and make sure all the people I care for know how much I love them all. Smile life is beautiful!!