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2021-05-27 00:10:52 (UTC)

Star Gazing

I've just been sitting in my south-facing garden, and to my surprise, as I walked outside with some candles, there was no wind and beaming in the sky was the super moon! Oh, my days, it was/is so incredibly beautiful. The night sky was so clear, and the stars were shimmering. It was so peaceful.

As I sat there with a blanket around me and covering my toes, I manifested under the supermoon. Candles of all the colours of the spring flowers I lit them in the four corners of our north, east, south and west divide.

After I finished soaking up the tranquil energy in the atmosphere, I see my phone light up over on the paving slab. I had turned all sounds down not to be disturbed. Eventually, I checked my phone. It was a message from Ed, at 00.30 saying, "I've been fantasising about fucking your arse all day!"

Lmao, Ed. Only you could send me a text like that at the moment like that. I replied, "That's very naughty." He replies, "It is. I've cum three times today already, and I'm still not satisfied."

Lol, Ed.....You're such a cutie pie.

The supermoon can still be seen; I'm chilling with it with a coffee ❤ I've got the morning booked off work as I'm getting my eyelashes and brows done. Yippee! I still got to get up, though, and take my sleeping beauty to school.

Just a little more starlight and moon gazing, I think 💘 It's not often you get to see something as beautiful as this...time is irrelevant.