Being Sam
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2021-05-26 18:10:25 (UTC)

Must be that time

Must be that time again where I'm PMSing and a teeny bit crazy because today's problem? Feeling like Dean doesn't love me. In that small sane part of my brain that's not been taken over by the crazy, I know he does and I know I'm being fucking mental. But the rest of me is super sensitive and insecure and is just being a mard arse.
He doesn't want to listen to anything I start to talk about - he must be sick of me. He doesn't want to go out for a date night - he's definitely sick of me. He cuts me off when I'm speaking - he doesn't give a shit for anything I have to say. He undermines me infront of the kids - he doesn't respect me. He doesn't want to sit and watch TV with me - he would rather be alone than in my company.

Just one of those days where I mentally twist everything...or maybe I don't and its all true and future me will look back and kick myself for not taking all these signs more seriously. We've just been getting on so well. I don't remember the last time we had a real fall out so this must be the crazy me talking right? Either way it's left me in a shit mood sitting alone in bed at 7pm with a book while Dean sits happily by himself downstairs

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