Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-05-26 18:07:14 (UTC)

Arse Eclipse

Lmao, people keep ordering custom designs of our keepsakes and not the ones we have already designed! I can't complain, I suppose; it's still business. Except for the artist in the family (my amazing daughter) just rolled her eyes to do another custom one; LOL, she loves it, really. It's mostly because I just made her hoover the lounge and tidy up her bedroom if she wants me to take her clothes shopping this weekend. Earn it first, baby girl!

I've been winding Bumblebee up by telling him about this guy, lol. I got a text earlier, "So what are you up to, young lady?" I asked him what is he building today, and he said he was finishing off a loft conversion; I said, "You bloody tease!" he laughed, he knows I love hearing about his work 'load'....but again, I highlight, we're only friends now. I'm not getting involved with his mucky stuff....oo-er, lol.

Phil and Bumble been sending me my daily dose of funny memes; those two are messed up, lol, :D I love it! Phil is going to relieve his new dolly bird of her 21 yr old virginity.....Phil, I'll say it once and say it again: you're a dirty dawg! Gotta be the Virgo in you, aye? LOL

I've deliberately only responded to Mr Hinge once today with a short text; hehe, tonight, I shall embrace his fire once again and topple him off his Aries castle where his massive ego resides. He'll get riled up again then. There isn't much else to say about him EXCEPT........

My world crumbled into tiny shattering shards of glass right into his eyeballs when he told me he doesn't like ANAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT! You don't like anal!! Are you human?

It's okay, though; after I fell from red clouds of despair, I decided I will corrupt that mofo until he LURVES it, and all will be right and good in the world once again. :D I did, tell him, "Oh, that's fine. I'll simply corrupt you." And if all goes well as the days pass, I certainly will. I do need bumsex in my life. It's like drinking water; I will die an agonizing death without it.

However! This man of war is seeking a relationship; he isn't just after the sweeties. Early days yet, I shall see.

I did another level of multi-tasking today! I was proud of my heightened sexual energy pulsing through my vag and bum and tickling my boost in superwoman multi-tasking. I noticed I got quite a few yummy masculine eyes on me, too, whilst going about my business in my happy little world. God, I love music! Anyhoo, I managed to keep the day job clients happy, whilst doing the food shopping, buying some new bras and sexy things, gym gear and dresses ready for the hot sun to glaze my needy bum when it smiles in the outdoor adventures I plan on absolutely indulging in.......just need to select the right guy to join me :)

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, excited to be getting my eyelashes professionally done tomorrow and my eyebrows! It's almost as close to the excitement I feel when I know, I'm getting bumsex. Yep, it's going to be that awesome! She applies single lashes to each of my lashes, and I won't need to wear mascara so I can stay el-naturel! She said I would be transformed.....fhk, yes, transform me, woman. God help my lady bits if I feel any better than I already do, pray to Jesus for Mr Hinge. He's got a big one too, not that I have seen it but guess what he did? He said, "If you play your cards right" when referring to his man-meat, now again, I refer to my previous comment on, guys do not comment on their cock's unless they are packing. Fkn turd, for saying that to me! Purrrrrrrrrrrrs...LOL, if I play my cards, right? Oh, baby, you've no idea what my cards do! Hehe

Oh, and the sexy 'my ex guy' has been popping up. Oooooh! He was feeling drained and a bit down the day before yesterday again; I felt him. It was pretty draining for me, but I can manage it. I like feeling his energy, and I can't help but recall the feeling of him sliding inside me. Omg, it was so beautiful! He is a fun guy, too; he is dealing with his issues, grateful he is doing that without bringing it into my carefree world. I'll look forward to seeing him again :) Depending on how other encounters go in my life, it might be too late when he does :/

It's a lunar eclipse blood moon tonight; we can't see it from England, but it is there, lol....I can unquestionably say the cosmic energy in the atmosphere has certainly put me in full-throttle!!

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